Asset Management/Resolution

We offer a unique approach to asset management and/or resolution practices. The company’s founder has over 20 years of executive banking experience. During the financial crisis he worked closely with the bank’s asset resolution department to help develop and initiate plans of action and coordinate necessary completions or renovations to various commercial projects. This included raw land, land developments partially completed as well as fully developed commercial property. Residential housing in various stages of completion was also a part of the asset management. He also helped the bank list, negotiate, and dispose of these bank properties delivering them through special warranty deeds to investors from across the United States, offering all three, the bank, the borrower and the investor a seamless transaction. The asset management process can be a difficult one if you are not familiar with all sides of the chain of custody. However through efficiency and familiarity with proper documentation practices, the internal reporting processes for the bank all the way up to delivery of the asset for the client, his team delivers a results oriented performance on the investment for both buyer and seller. Whether you are a financial institution, a sub-prime investor, the purchaser of a pool of properties or just one piece of real estate, you can feel confident that our understanding of this competitive and specialized segment of the overall real estate industry comes from practice and a true understanding of just what it takes to get the deal done.