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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my account number?

Please email [email protected] to receive your account number.

Do I make my check payable to Local Real Estate Agent or Local Commercial Property Management?

No, it should be made payable to your Landlord or to your associations name.

Will I get a late fee if my payment isn’t received on time?

We only charge late fees according to the lease or according to your HOA’s rules and regulations that were approved through a scheduled Board meeting.

Will I receive my coupons?

If you Landlord/Community offers coupon books, they will be issued within 60 days after occupancy/ownership transfer but typically we wait on approval from the bank and our software company.

What if I do not receive my coupon book prior to the 10th of the month prior to my draft beginning?

You still need to mail your check to the address on your lease or to 337 Bradley Dr., Wilmington, NC 28409

I’d like to have the payments set up through my bank.

Answer: You have two options, you can download and complete the Auto draft form provided on our website and you can set up the new payment through your bank’s bill pay service. If you choose to set it up through your bank bill pay mailing address is 337 Bradley Dr., Wilmington, NC 28409.

I don’t see my associations name listed on the web-site?

Make sure that you have your property address or name input correctly? Secondarily you can also look up the legal name of your association on the New Hanover County Register of Deeds by entering your associations name in the search field.